This is not your ordinary mobile DJ service, but a fully immersive live sound and music event that caters to those wanting specific and authentic music experiences.


​It all began when I was planning my own wedding in 2008.  There were many DJ services out there with experience, broad music catelogues and skill.  However, I was looking for something I couldn't find:  a service that would not only emcee my event with personal touches, but build a song list that catered to my specific theme, tastes and genre preferences along with the potential interaction of a live band during a portion of the event.  Thus, Retro Radio Sound & Entertainment was born and it's come a long way since then.


I have been a musician for more years than I can count and have numerous band and muscian connections in DFW that can be integrated into your needs.  Addtionally, I have a music collection that spans every genre and nearly every time period.  Lots of DJs know all the classics and Top 40 hits, but I have a well rounded understanding of everything from Classical, Blues and Garage Rock to New Wave, Jazz and Hip Hop. I also spin the latest Alternative, Country and Indie Rock to Soul, R&B to Dance Pop and every subgenre inbetween.  My talent is mixing your very specific loves into a seamless playlist that both you and your guests will enjoy.  Attendees of your event will talk about the successful flow of your music theme for years to come, instead of remembering only the awkward moment they were forced to do The Electric Slide... I guarantee it!


Looking forward to meeting you,

Jason Forno

Owner, DJ, Musician