Band Cooridination


As the famous song goes... "Every girls is crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man."


Its no small feat planning every detail of the perfect wedding reception. I went through it with my wife in 2009 and it can be very time consuming, especially making sure that everything is matching the bridal party color pallet. Why not let Retro Radio take some of the guess work out of how the live band is going to "look".


All of my Retro Radio house bands adhere to some kind of uniform policy. Campus Radio takes it look from the famous Blondie album cover to Parallel Lines. Black Skinny ties, white button-down dress shirts, and well-worn Converse All-Stars. The Alt_Nation guys all sport the very 90's looking "gas station attendent" shirts complete with their own name patches. The Garage Underground can be found decked out in 60's inpired attire from Italian leather ankle boots to nehru suits.


For a small additional charge Campus Radio can match their skinny neck-ties & Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars to match any color you wish in your color scheme of your bridesmaids and groomsmen.


Contact Me about what might be best suited for your reception. Current market prices for all items needed to purchase will apply.