Frequently Asked Event Questions


If you have any additional questions please contact me.
How much do you charge?


This depends on how many different services you're needing me to provide (sound, bands, karaoke etc.). Please feel free to contact me for a quote and I will be more than happy to discuss what the flat rate fee (with no hidden costs) will be.  You can also click here to see the prices & packages I have available for every and any occasion.

What makes you different from other DJs?


What separates me from the rest of the local DJs out there is my commitment to making your event as close to perfect as possible.  I spend countless hours preparing what will be a night to remember for you and all of your guests.  I put the needs of the event ahead of my own, by not only spending time (face-to-face) to make sure no detail is overlooked, but I will help schedule the flow of the reception and all of its many moving parts.  I am never more than a phone call or email away from answering any and all of your questions, and have been known to spend over a year mapping out the perfect reception, because after all, a wedding reception is all about organization, planning, and above all else... entertainment.

What types of events do you specialize in?


I specialize in wedding receptions & ceremonies, but I am a versatile DJ, Entertainer & Musician and have a wide range of events I feel comfortable spinning music at.  Please feel free to check out the many varieties of events I specialize in, ranging from Private, Corporate, Social & Themed events. My philosophy is that any DJ should be able to play music for any occasion, and should be able to "feel" a room, and know precisely what tracks to play.  Now, if you're needing a mixture of "live" and DJ music for your reception, I have several bands that I manage and some I even play in as well. Check out my Bands Page to see if there is one that might suit your special occasion.  

Can we meet with you before deciding to hire you?


You bet we can meet!  I highly encourage meeting in-person to allow you to see if we will be a right "fit" for each other.  I strongly feel that most successful receptions are pulled off when both the couple and the DJ  are in accord with how the night should not only sound, but also "feel".  If you decide to hire me, we can meet as many times as you feel necessary to ensure every detail is just right.  I know many brides are students or have full-time jobs, so I am completely flexible to meet at your convenience and will work around your schedule.

Do you provide references or testimonials from past clients?


I send out feedback forms to all of my couples after their wedding.  I am more than happy to show them to you.  Most clients are available to speak with, either over the phone or by email.  I highly encourage that you contact past clients before making your decision.

Do you carry liability insurance?


Yes, I carry liability insurance and most venues will actually require that the DJ have a $1,000,000 million dollar policy.  Liability insurance covers most accidents involving the equipment (failing on, tripping from) and will also cover medical compensation.  Although it is an extremely rare occurrence, accidents sometimes happen, and you want that piece-of-mind knowing that you've hired a professional that takes responsibility if an accident should occur during your event.

How much do you require for a deposit?


I do require that a retainer of 50% of the cost be paid at the time of hiring.  The remaining balance will need to be paid 30 days prior to the date of the wedding reception.  I accept cash, checks, money orders, and most major credit cards.

What types of music will you play?


I typically like to sit down with a bride or the couple to discuss this after I have been hired.  I’ll have a few questions for you and will ask that you fill out a very short list of your "Top Ten Favorite Bands/Songs".  This is a very telling device and helps me gain a window into your musical taste.  My collection ranges from early Big Band/Swing Jazz standards to the latest Top 40 hits of today.  I always make sure that I have "clean" radio edits of songs that contain offensive language, and will never play anything that remotely seems objectionable unless expressly directed by the bride.  I have been a musician for over 30 years and know every style and genre of music. I love to mix up popular favorites with deeper cuts that help complement each other seamlessly. Click here for some sample playlists for both ceremonies and receptions.

Do you take requests?


Absolutely, and I love hearing them.  I do encourage couples to submit either a "Do Not Play" or song request list prior to the day of the reception.  If music just isn't that important to you, I will handle mapping out all songs for you. I have Spotify integration programed into the equipment I use, so there is literally no song I cannot obtain on-the-fly during the reception should one of your guests make a special request. During the dancing portions of the reception, I pay strict attention to what IS and ISN'T working.  Once the night is underway, I always ensure a good time to be had by all of the guests in attendance.

Who will be my DJ on the day of my wedding/event?


I will always be the DJ/Emcee for your wedding reception, ceremony or special event.  In the case of some catastrophic occurrence that renders me unable to perform, however, I can make arrangements for one of my colleagues to step in with all of the music needed and a complete understanding of the itinerary of the scheduled events for the reception. 

Do you provide a written contract?


Yes, and it’s for both of our protection.  Many DJ companies will have you sign a contract that only protects their interests, while I make sure your piece-of-mind is also taken care of, by spelling out all of the information clearly to reflect what is expected from me as the person solely responsible for the entertainment.  There is no "fine print" on my contracts and everything is spelled out as clearly as possible while still being a completely legal binding agreement.

Will you Emcee the event as the Master of Ceremonies?


Yes, I will.  Without a doubt you need to hire a DJ who feels comfortable being your spokesperson for the evening.  I will handle any announcements you need me to make, and have wireless mics to ensure that any one in your wedding party that plans to address the guests can do so, free of the hassle of cords tangling up or getting in the way.  You should hire someone who is thoughtful, engaging, and doesn’t need to "work-the-crowd" to make for a good time. 

Can you help me with the planning of my reception intiniary?


Yes, I have loads of ideas to help make your reception a huge success.  We can discuss what type of mood you are wanting to create and I can offer suggestions on how best to make it happen.  My reception planning and coordination is always included in the price for my services.  If you're utilizing a wedding planner, I am always more than happy to speak with them about the flow of events, but if you're needing assistance in planning out how the night should be, I can provide you with a "worksheet" for you and your fiancé to work on together.  Later, we can meet and map out precisely the order of events throughout the event. I can make arrangements to send a copy of the finalized itinerary to any of the other vendors (venue, caterers, photographers) to make sure everyone is on the same page come the big day.

What kind of attire will you wear at my event?


For events I can match whatever attire you're needing me to wear. Typically I will wear business casual attire for parties and normal events. I do love to match the clothing of "themed events" so I have been known to dress accordingly to those kinds of events. Hawaiian shirts to luaus, and black tie suits and tuxedos for 20's parties. I love to blend in with the guests and it makes for a great time.

What time will you arrive at my event?


That all depends of how much time is needed for me to set up my equipment, and whether or not I'm going to have account for setting up musical equipment for bands. Typically, I will arrive 1-2 hours prior to unload equipment and test it to make sure everything sounds perfect prior to any guests arriving. Additionally, for larger events I may require more time to set up, but there is never any additional charge.

What type of equipment do you use?


I use only the latest in professional sound equipment and DJ gear. Apple, Yamaha, Numark, Shure, and Bose are just a few of the names I use.  Wireless Shure SM58 mics are used for all announcements and are provided for guests making toasts.  I use professional grade scrims for masking my DJ equipment and all cords, wires, and cables are kept out of sight not only for the safety of your guests, but also to provide a clean, seamless and elegant look for your reception.

Do you use any kind of back-up in case of emergencies?


I use G-Tech external hard drives to back-up all of my music and in case of equipment failure, I can easily switch to playing music from other devices such as an iPad, iPhone or Spotify or Pandora to ensure there is no break in the entertainment of your guests.

Do you take any breaks?


No.  Any event can have many moving parts and as such, your DJ should be aware of what is happening at all times.  Coordinating with the venue staff, fielding requests from guests and making sure everything's on time and running smoothly takes constant attention and leaves no room for taking breaks.

Do you display any type of advertising?


Never! I'm woking on your time, and I would never come to a event and feel that I need to advertise myself to your guests.  If they are curious about hiring me for my services, they will seek me out.

What's the next step?


If you've carefully read through these questions and answers and like what you've read, then just simply  CLICK HERE to find out if I am available for your date and we can begin the process of planning out an evening to remember.  I look forward to hearing from you!