Social Events


Social gathering can be a fun way to spend your weekend and the right DJ service can turn that event into an experience everyone will talk about for years to come. The right DJ can also enfuse a little excitment into your gathering while being "family-friendly" and "cultrally sensitive" and by playing clean, edited versions of everyone's favorite songs. 


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Neighborhood Parties
  • Block & Pool Parties
  • Memorial Day/4th of July

Summer time and holidays are a fantastic time to host a community party to connect with neighbors, family and friends. Hiring the right DJ service can transform your backyard BBQ, pool party or Memorial Day/July 4th/Labor Day fest into a fun and exciting time with just the right kind of music in the air. 

School Dances & Proms
  • School Formals
  • Class Reunions

Homecoming and Prom night are the most highly anticipated and talked about class events of the year, and a highly experienced DJ can transform that event into a night to remember. Always spinning the latest and most popular music, Retro Radio can assure you that we will make their prom, dance or school function a huge success!

Organizational Events
  • Auto & Fashion Shows
  • Church Events

Is your club, church or organization looking to shake things up at your next meeting, gathering or show?  I have experience in handling large public crowds and the intuition to match the appropriate music to each event. Whether its 50'/60's music for a classic car show or Christian or spiritual music for church events, I've got your event covered.

Community Events
  • Music & Art Festivals
  • Sporting Events

Everybody loves the community feel of outdoor festivals and sporting events. Why not hire a professional DJ service to help bring everyone together musically? The right DJ can transform your average coumminty event into an enjoyable and entertaining experience folks will want to celebrate year after year.